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Body Wellness


Body wraps and scrubs to refresh and revive


Body Wellness  at Salon Coccole

Our exceptional treatments for the body provide the ultimate spa experience and are not to be missed! Body scrubs and body wraps are done just right at Salon Coccolé & Spa. Custom programs may be designed upon request for any body concern, including anti-cellulite treatments.


Services begin at the following prices:

Skin Renewal

Aromatic Body Touch - $85
Simple action, profound results. A relaxing aroma therapy wrap that leaves the skin perfected and the mind peaceful.


Body Strategist Nourishing - $85
A skin-soothing, firming and moisturizing mask of botanical extracts that leaves the skin perfectly toned and elastic.


D-Age Skin Repair - $85
The skin is reborn with the extraordinary effects of walnut extract and kamani oil. These ingredients provide cellular renewal and environmental protection as well as deeply moisturize the skin.

Vital Energy

Monticelli Mud Wrap - $95
A warm, rich and creamy thermal Italian mud that relieves the aches of sore muscles and swollen joints. Also bestows systemic balance and renews energy.


Revitalizing Mud Therapy - $95
A very stimulating wrap that increases circulation, stimulates energy and revitalizes the skin. A nourishing massage with a combination of focus algae, marine sediment and specialized oils.


Detoxifying Mud Therapy - $95
An intense wrap that restores equilibrium, deeply stimulates, re-mineralizes and fully enhances lymphatic flow. Oar weed algae, marine sediment and specialized essential oils completed with a stimulating massage.

Maternity Program

New Life - $90
Customized massage with our rich and firming illipe butter cream and a cooling gel to reduce water retention for the feet and ankles. For the second and third trimesters only.


New Mom - $90
A powerful and energizing treatment to hydrate and firm the skin, restore tone and structure to the bust tissue and alleviate stretch marks. Begin after cessation of breastfeeding.

Back & Shoulder

Clay and Algae Purifying - $85
Purifying mask for thorough cleansing and reduction of acne. Contains anti-bacterial essential oils of basil, cedar and rosewood.


Hydrating Nourishment - $85
Moisturizing, anti-oxidant mask rich in vitamins and nourishing oils that softens the skin.


Absolute Luminescence - $85
This treatment will deeply revitalize the skin while leaving a subtle shimmer and extraordinary softness.

Aroma Soul Body Scrubs

An experience of the heart, mind and body. Encounter the ancient traditions of the Oriental, Mediterranean, Indian and Arabian cultures. Your sensorial journey is a customized exfoliating treatment to the
entire body. These moisturizing scrubs contain vitamins and antioxidants to insure healthy, smooth and glowing skin. 1 hour, $75


Oriental Scrub
Like the flowers,
i will leave your body fragrant.
i will perfume your soul
with distant notes.
simple like the earth
light as a breeze.


Mediterranean Scrub
like the waves,
i will be inside and around you,
embracing your body.
letting your essence flow
vibrant, like the sea.
water that always renews.


Indian Scrub
like fire, i will nourish you.
warming your senses,
elevating your spirit.
grounding you in your world
so that in your body, the earth
and the delicate breath
become one


Arabian Scrub
like the sand.
i will silken your skin.
releasing the fatigue of your journey.
i will return to you the strength
so that in the immense desert.
in each of its smallest grains.
you will rediscover your ancient soul.


591 N. Rand Road, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 Phone: 847.540.7006