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Skincare is the first step to revealing your inner beauty


Skin care at Salon CoccoleYour health and your inner emotional state reveal themselves on your skin. When it's fresh and clean and full of life, you glow. In Salon Coccolé & Spa's spa, skincare takes a leading role as part of de-stressing you. Experience our excellence in facial treatments, including anti-aging and chemical peel processes to make you look your best.



Our medical esthetician specializes in skin exfoliation

At Salon Coccolé & Spa we have a certified medical esthetician on staff to serve your skincare needs. Medical estheticians have the ability to perform advanced skin treatments, such as anti-aging, erasing hyper pigmentation, controlling rosacea, and acne.


Our medical esthetician specializes in Glotherapeutic skin exfoliation treatments. Glotherapeutics is a revolutionary breakthrough in skin care and chemical exfoliation treatments. The unique and advanced formulation provides potent concentrations with high levels of active ingredients to clinically transform the skin and offer the ultimate in skin revival. Glo chemical exfoliation provides the ability to customize treatments for each individual client to achieve subtle, gradual or astonishing transformations.

Services begin at the following prices:

Essence Skincare

These treatments provide perfect cleansing and hydration, bringing your skin to a healthier state and leaving you with a younger, more radiant glow.


Skin Resonance - $95
Desensitizes, strengthens, and eliminates redness, leaving skin calm, refreshed and protected.


Hydramemory - $90

The pleasure of deeply hydrating ingredients such as honey, hibiscus, and trehalose (from desert plants) promotes a silky texture with exceptional restoration


Recover Touch - $90

A most nourishing facial that will neutralize free radicals and bestow lasting moisture and perfect softness, leaving the skin radiant.

Rebalance Skincare

These treatments are designed to effectively reduce excess oil, soothe and repair any irritation, and reduce and calm both surface and cystic acne.


Proper home care is critical and a series of treatments are recommended for optimal results.


Active Pureness Rebalancing - $95
This treatment uses clay's natural abilities to gently exfoliate and reduce impurities and balance every type of skin.


Active Pureness Regenerating - $145
The combination of alpha-hydroxy acids and algae provide an intense purifying and renewing effect.

Vitality Skincare

Vital and luminous skin returns with our most active anti-age treatments. Combinations of the latest in skin care peptide technology and highly effective ingredients such as enzymes, anti-oxidants, vitamins, fruit acids and collagen provide skin with complete nourishment.


Retexturize & Firm
Glorious Skin - $115
Truly luminous skin is unveiled, with instant vitality, youthfulness, and satiny texture.
May be customized for sensitive skin


Action Sublime - $170
Profound stimulation with collagen, enzymes and essential minerals to promote repair, stimulate circulation and plump fine lines.
May be customized for sensitive skin.


Alpha Therapy Collagen - $150
Exceptional results from combined intensity of alpha-hydroxy acids and pure collagen.


Absolute Pearl - $125
Pearl powder, brightening extracts such as bearberry and licorice, and a gentle form of kojic acid blend to bring light and life to the skin.


Mini Facial - $60
A preview to one of our customized spa facials.
Extractions not included.

For Gentlemen Only

Anti-age Performance - $85
Active Rejuvenating treatment to minimize wrinkles and expression lines. Re-establishes skin tone and texture.


Hydra Performance - $85
Treatment for dry and dehydrated skin compromised by stress, frequent flying, exposure to sun or extreme weather conditions.


Pure Performance - $85
Treatment to remove impurities, rebalance excess oil production and leave skin with a clean finish.

Enhancements to any Facial

Let our experts consult with you on how to boost the effectiveness of your treatment with one of these specialties.


The following treatments can be added to any facial:


Purifying Skin
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Intensity - $35
Deep exfoliating powers of natural acids derived from sugar cane, grapes, apples, and oranges.


Refreshed Eyes
Eye Supreme Anti-Age - $20
This delicate area is revitalized with active peptides, a firming and Smoothing mask and rich
moisture cream.


Nourished Lips
Lip Blooming - $20
Softened, plumped, and luscious lips thanks to the synergy of rich apricot and olive butters with rosewater and rose extract.


Assists in repairing skin from sun damage and scaring.
Gently improves the skins pigment and texture. These treatments included a cleansing and preparation of
the skin. Does not include facial.


Face - $110
Face/Neck - $125
Face/Neck/Decollete - $145


The following treatments are quoted after your clinical introduction:


Clinical Menu

  • Specialized acne treatments for teens and adults
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Anti-aging
  • Special occasion lifting & tightening treatments
  • Microdermabrasion


Please ask one of our staff for our Clinical Menu that will give you more thorough details, including a description of each type of treatment and the intended skin type or situation.

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